Crissy Teigen is Fed Up with Animal Crossing Bunny Day

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Animal Crossing New Horizons continues to dominate social media on a daily basis. Fans are posting creative island layouts as well as customized pixelated artwork. But not everyone is happy with the game’s first community event: “Bunny Day”. In fact, many players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the new character named Zipper. Perhaps no other voice of dissonance is more famous than Animal Crossing veteran Crissy Teigen.

Hop Along Mr. Cottontail

For those unfamiliar, Bunny Day is Animal Crossing New Horizons’ first themed event. As we explained in a previous post, starting April 1st through April 12th, a quirky bunny named Zipper will visit players’ islands to orchestrate an Easter egg hunt. Player will need to dig, fish, and shake a few trees to find each of Zipper’s hiding spots. In exchange for finding eggs, players will be able to craft special pastel-colored clothing and accessories.

But not everyone is happy with this themed event. In fact, many players are furious over the amount of Easter-themed content in the game. Instead of catching fish or digging up fossils, players are now discovering an overwhelming number of Zipper eggs. This is causing fans to become upset with the drop rates for rare items as everyone races to complete challenges, such as the museum collectopedia and DIY recipes.

Man (Bunny) Overboard

Perhaps no celebrity has been more vocal about the Animal Crossing franchise than Crissy Teigen. A veteran of the series, Ms. Teigen is no stranger to vocalizing her displeasure. While playing the mobile Pocket Camp game on iOS and Android, she revealed:

These pocket animal crossing people things. They aren’t our friends. They’re jerks. Who makes certain couch demands before visiting someone’s house? Then shows a video montage of them sleeping on it. I hate these people.

Crissy Teigen on November 26, 2017 via Twitter

The current target of her Animal Crossing displeasure now appears to be the lovable bunny named Zipper. While it is not his fault that eggs are replacing valuable crafting tools, the staff at Nintendo needs to take notice. If each player is required to participate in seasonal events, then the developers need to adjust the drop rates for certain items. Regardless, we are grateful that celebrities with a following as large as Crissy Teigen’s are playing video games and voicing their opinions.


As more Animal Crossing fans buy the game, community events, such as the Easter special, will grow in popularity. But not everyone, including Crissy Teigen, is happy with Animal Crossing New Horizon’s first event. But we want to know what you think. Are you currently subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online? If so, did you buy Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below or the social media links on the right. Also, be sure to check out our other news items on PokemonModern WarfareCapcomBlizzard and more.

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