Lego Super Mario Announced: Release Date This Fall

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  • Lego and Nintendo are collaborating to create a Lego Super Mario Set
  • The new toy will be released this fall

Perhaps no other industry defined collaboration quite like the music industry during the 2010s. Artists from various genres came together to create new styles of music unlike anything seen before. Now in 2020, a prominent video game character and a popular children’s toy company are doing the same. On Thursday, Nintendo announced a partnership to create a new interactive experience: Lego Super Mario.

A Match Made in Heaven

Lego and Nintendo have dominated toys and video games for the last 70 years by creating products that are popular with adults and children alike. But as Lego is recently struggling to create interactive experiences, Nintendo is also struggling to reach a younger audience. The two companies decided to combine their powers to create the ultimate toy: an interactive Lego Super Mario.

Lego Super Mario is a brand new way to experience both Legos and Mario. Players first must create the course, which comes a familiar set of familiar enemies, question blocks, and goals. Once complete, players can place Mario in the “start” pipe to begin a 60 second countdown timer. From there, players must navigate the course to earn coins, defeat enemies, and ultimately reach the goal.

Here’s what Lego Chief Management Officer Julia Goldin had to say about the partnership:

The partnership with Nintendo will bring Mario to the first real LEGO world. However, you can get an unprecedented new play experience by playing interactively with your favorite game characters. We are also convinced that the seamless adoption of the latest digital technologies will allow LEGO Super Mario children to have a wonderful experience of playing together and sharing their joy and enjoyment

Lego CMO Julia Goldin

More Questions than Answers

In addition to the basic “gameplay”, here is a list of highlights from the trailer:

  • The Mario character interacts with the course via bluetooth connection.
  • Question blocks, enemies, and warp pipes appear to interact with Mario. Each provides Mario with a chance to earn coins.
  • Players appear to be able to place special “icons” on Lego blocks resembling water, grass, and fire. Mario seems to interact with said icons.
  • The goal appears to be collecting the most amount of coins possible by interacting with the course.

While the concept is fascinating, we also have more questions than answers:

  • The trailer indicates that batteries are not included. Assuming that Mario requires batteries, will players need batteries for question blocks, enemies, etc…?
  • How do the special “tiles” connect and interact with unique parts of the course, such as fire and water?
  • Once players create the course, will Mario need to complete said course in a certain pattern?

The Future

In addition to collecting coins in a given set of time, Lego and Nintendo appear to have even bigger plans. Not only will players be able to create custom courses, but they also will be able to “play a new style, which brings about a whole new experience.” At this time, we do not know what this “new experience” will be; however, we can assume that Lego Super Mario will eventually interact with Nintendo’s other products.

As Lego products are often customizable, it appears as though the Nintendo created the new Mario Lego set with a similar concept in mind. Although the details are unclear, fans of both Lego toys and Nintendo games should be excited for this new venture.

When describing the future of Nintendo and Lego’s partnership, Takashi Tezuka said it best.

I really like the LEGO products that many children are playing with their imagination. Based on their goodness, they can freely explore the world of Mario. I think that we were able to create a very new product that combines the assembling play and the Mario play using the field.

Nintendo Producer Takashi Tezuka


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