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Ever wonder why one of your favorite video game series does not receive a sequel? Chances are it had something to do with a publisher dispute. While video game developers are often in the spotlight at events like E3 and PAX, most fans fail to see the power of publishers. These organizations are responsible for distribution, advertising, licensing, and a wide scope of other duties, which are both costly and time consuming. However, in exchange for these services, publisher revenue sharing has typically hovered around 45 percent. This means that for every $60 video game sold, a publisher typically earned around $27. While media continues to transition to digital distribution and sales, developers are finding it cheaper and easier to self-publish their own creations. Such is the case of Platinum Games and Hideki Kamiya new IP: Project G. G.

Project GG

Heralded for their work on silky-smooth action titles, such as NieR Automata and Bayonetta, Platinum Games is well-known and beloved in the video game industry. But there is one drawback to the company’s success: it does not own the rights to most of the games it has helped to create. While Square Enix owns the NieR series, Nintendo owns the Bayonetta and Astral Chain franchises. After 14 years of selling the licensing rights to externals publishers, Hideki Kamiya has decided that change is in order.

In a recent interview with Famitsu, Hideki Kamiya revealed Platinum Games’ newest IP: Project G.G. Kamiya cited the restrictions of now owning the rights to his own games as the reason for wanting to create and publish an original idea. While Kamiya understands the challenges of self-publishing his first game, he also cites the relief to finally being able to create and own his own game. In addition, he hinted at content restriction as a reason for Platinum to publish its own IP.

What the future holds for Project G.G. is anyone’s best guess. We do know that Platinum is working hard on Bayonetta 3 and possibly a sequel to NieR Automata, which could limit the scope of this new IP. Regardless, fans should be excited about more content from a talented studio. Platinum is a talented studio and could pave the way for more developers to self-publish their own games.


Distribution was always the hardest and most costly component of video game publishing due to the manufacturing of compact discs. However, digital sales are making it easier to cut out this “middle person.” As noted by Statistica, the percentage of digital video game sales continues to climb. Therefore, as more players buy their games online, the need for a physical distribution channel lessens. As a result, smaller developers, such as Platinum Games, should find it easier to self-publish future titles.

Statistica Breakout – Digital vs Physical


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