Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC – New Class & Outfit

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  • The Trickster class is available as an advanced class in Cindered Shadows
  • After Chapter 1 in the DLC campaign, Anna can wear a new costume called “Fighting Merchant’s Clothes.”

Although Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC releases in five days, Nintendo revealed a brand new new class and character outfit. The Trickster class is a deviation of the Thief class and gives players a unique ability. In addition, the popular merchant Anna returns with a brand new costume. Let’s dive in.

Same System – New Class

Fire Emblem Three Houses was revolutionary for the series in that the game provided players the option to upgrade characters into any class. Prior games locked characters into a specific upgrade route, which was equally frustrating and restrictive. While it is unknown if Cindered Shadows has access to all classes from the main campaign, the story DLC will have one new skill class: the Trickster.

This class is unique in that players are able to swap the Trickster with any character on the battlefield who is within a range of five spaces. In addition, the Trickster appears to be adept as a swordsman with limited use of magic. While it is unclear the level of the Trickster class, it is safe to assume it is an advanced class. The reason for this assumption is the following: players must be a “Thief” in order to take the Trickster qualification test. In the base game, the Thief is an intermediate class. This means that players must advance to level 20 prior to taking the Trickster exam.

Outfit for an Icon

Anna has appeared as a merchant in nearly every Fire Emblem game with the exception of Gaiden. To honor her legacy, Nintendo decided to give Anna a new outfit in Cindered Shadows. According to the official Fire Emblem Twitter account, if players reach a certain support level with Anna during the DLC Chapter 1, Anna can equip the “Fighting Merchant’s Clothes.” In addition to the new threads, Anna’s facial expressions also change during conversations. While she has always been rather lively, Anna is sure to take on a whole new personality for the DLC.


But we want to know what you think. While Fire Emblem Three Houses story DLC is exciting, the new classes and outfits will surely add to the experience. Although Cindered Shadows is smaller in scale to the original campaign, our hope is that the tales of the Ashen Wolves adds to the overall story. Although the DLC is a standalone experience, it will be interesting to see if Nintendo releases a physical version.

But we want to know what you think. Are you excited about the new story DLC? What about the addition of Byleth in Super Smash Bros Ultimate? Will you purchase both DLC packs? Let us know in the comments below or the social media links on the right. Be sure to check out our SSBU article on Byleth as well as other news items. We discuss topics, such as Fire EmblemPokemonModern WarfareCapcomBlizzard and more. Until next time, enjoy!

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