Madden 20 Sales – Two Decades of Sports Dominance

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  • Madden 20 sales ranked third overall in 2019
  • The Madden series is on a historic run of greatness

It is not often that a cover player, such as Patrick Mahomes, breaks the proverbial “Madden curse”. As fans gather to celebrate the pinnacle of the NFL season, developers at Electronic Arts are celebrating the cover athlete of Madden 20 reaching the Super Bowl. But as Mahomes prepares to face a stout 49ers defense, fans of the Madden franchise have another reason to celebrate. According to NPD Games, Madden 20 sales ranked third overall for 2019, and only Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 and NBA 2K20 sold more units in 2019.

The Legacy

It is no surprise that the sports genre of video games remains one of the most popular in the world. Trailing only the first-person shooter genre, sports games are beloved by all cultures and ethnicities. While a myriad of developers produce sports games, the Madden franchise is particularly special. The NPD group released the following graphic that showcases the Top 20 Best-Selling Games from 2015 to 2019:

After a closer look, an interesting trend beings to develop. Only the Call of Duty and Madden series released games that made the top 5 in sales each year from 2015 to 2019. NPD Games dug a little deeper into the data and made the following discovery:

  • Electronic Arts has released a Madden game every year since 2000. In those two decades, a Madden game has ranked in the top five of best-selling games in each of the 20 years.
  • The original Madden released in 1995 for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Since then, the combined sales of the entire franchise trail only the Call of Duty and Super Mario Bros series.
  • The best selling game in the series is Madden 07, which featured Shaun Alexander on the cover.


As sales of Madden 20 continue to push the franchise to new heights, EA will continue to dominate in the sports video game arena. Perhaps Patrick Mahomes can break the curse and become one of the few cover athletes to win a championship.

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