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There is no denying that the first game Hideo Kojima produced post-Konami was controversial. Critics and fans alike viewed Death Stranding with mixed feelings, but overall the game scored well on Metacritic. While most enjoyed the story, plot twists and graphics, the major criticism was the gameplay. Deemed repetitive and shallow, Death Stranding generated more memes about delivery trucks and Amazon workers than positive remarks about the story. As hype for Death Stranding fades, fans are already clamoring for Kojima’s next project. Thanks to an early Christmas Tweet, they may not have to wait too long.

The Reveal

Just a day before Christmas, Hideo Kojima posted this on his official Twitter feed:


While we praise Kojima for resisting the urge to watch a Christmas romantic comedy, the books on his desk are curious. Hardcover copies of The Dark Forest and Death’s End sit next to Kojima’s workstation. Written by the notable Chinese author Cixin Liu, these two books are part of a trilogy entitled Remembrance of Earth’s Past. The overarching plot of the series is that humanity learns to coexist with an alien race after an invasion.

While the plot is nothing new, an individual story element is interesting. As the alien invasion approaches, humanity is mostly defenseless. The aliens can access every piece of mankind’s technology with the exception of the human mind. This single advantage helps humanity push the invasion to a stalemate and ultimately results in both races learning to coexist.

Could the human mind play a critical role in Kojima’s next game? While Death Stranding explored the thin balance between life and death, Kojima’s next project just might delve into the inner workings of the brain.


As the industry anxiously awaits for more news on the next Hideo Kojima project, it will be interesting to see the direction he chooses for his next game. While fans enjoyed the story of Death Stranding, critics condemned the gameplay as slow and boring. A book on his desk might hold the secret to the next game’s concept.

But we want to know what you think. Are you excited Kojima’s next game? Did you enjoy Death Stranding? If so, would you like to play a sequel or do you want an entirely new IP? Do you think Kojima’s reading material might play a role in the next game? Let us know in the comments below or the social media links on the right. Be sure to check out our other news items on PokemonModern WarfareCapcomBlizzard and more. Until next time, enjoy!

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