Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC Wave 3

Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC wave 3 release

On Thursday, Nintendo secretly announced the third wave of Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC. While fans eagerly wait for the new story DLC in Wave 4, Nintendo packed the latest DLC release with loads of content.

New Ways to Relax in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Most notably, Nintendo included an option to pet the cats and dogs that roam the monastery. This is an exciting addition, but there is more to playing with the animals than meets the eye. The DLC update allows players to feed fish and vegetables to the cats and dogs. In return, the dogs and cats will give players rare items.

The next big addition is the sauna. Players can now spend activity points to relax with students in a sauna, which benefits the player in many ways. Not only does the sauna increase support levels, but it also results in increased faculty training and professor instruction points for the entire month.

A New Recruit & More Outfits

The other major news is that Byleth can now recruit the merchant Anna by completing a quest. Although players cannot increase support levels with Anna, she can participate in battles and does come with a new paralogue quest. Byleth can recruit Anna after chapter three.

Who does not love to play dress up? The new DLC patch adds several new outfits, which include “Servants Attire, Summer Wear, and Evening Wear”. Byleth can change clothes by selecting the Personal Quarters icon in the monastery.

Other Notes

Some of the other notable patch features include the following:

  • Nintendo increased the number of save slots from 5 to 25, which requires about 12MB of internal memory space.
  • Players can use the new outfits in battle, with the exception of a few mounted units.
  • Additional allies can join Byleth in the Crimson Flower route.
  • Fire Emblem Three Houses added maid and butler battalions, which can be purchased from merchants.


Needless to say, the new DLC pack is a welcomed surprise. While fans eagerly await the release of DLC Wave 4 next spring, Nintendo added enough content to keep players busy.

With the release of such a dense amount of content, it should come as no surprise that sales of Fire Emblem Three Houses continue to explode. If you enjoyed this news story, be sure to check out our other News articles and leave us a comment below. Be sure to follow us on the social media links to the right and keep it right here for a unique perspective on all the latest video game news.

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