Link’s Awakening Trading Sequence Guide

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What began as an unapproved side project led by programmer Kazuaki Morita morphed into one of the best Zelda titles of all time. Future installments drew heavy inspiration from Link’s Awakening, but none are more memorable than the trading sequence. Not only is trading with NPCs charming, but it is also required to progress throughout the game. Let’s get started.

1. Yoshi Doll

The Yoshi Doll is a reward in the Trendy Game

2. Ribbon

Visit Papahl’s Family in North Mabe Village to trade the Yoshi Doll for a Ribbon

3. Dog Food

Enter CiaoCiao’s doghouse next to Madam MeowMeow to exchange the Ribbon for Dog Food

4. Bananas

Head to Sale’s Banana Shop near Toronbo Shores to trade the Dog Food for Bananas

5. Stick

This is the first trading item needed to progress in the game. After receiving the mission from Richard to recover the Five Golden Leaves, head northeast from Richard’s Villa. You’ll come across a broken bridge with a monkey named Kiki. Trade the Bananas for a Stick, and the monkeys will repair the bridge.

6. Honeycomb

Just north of Richard’s Villa is a stone with a honeycomb. After finding Richard’s Five Golden Leaves, Tarin can be found standing next to the rock. Give Tarin the stick, and he will foolishly poke at the honeycomb. After the bees chase him away the honeycomb will drop.

7. Pineapple

This is another item trade that needs to be complete to progress in the game. Head over to Animal Village after completing the Key Cavern. Chef Bear lives in the southeast home. Bears love honey so swap the Honeycomb for a Pineapple. After you do so Chef Bear will mention that Marin’s song can wake up the Walrus blocking the entrance to Yarna Desert.

8. Hibiscus

Early in the game, Papahl will mention that he plans on getting lost. Sure enough you can find a stranded Papahl on Tal Tal Heights. Navigate the web of caves beginning with the first staircase to the east of the Giant Egg. Feed Papahl the Pineapple and he will reward you with a beautiful Hibiscus.

9. Letter

Christine in Animal Village loves Hibiscus and apparently Mr. Write. Give her the Hibiscus and she will ask you to deliver a Letter to Mr. Write who lives near Goponga Swamp.

10. Broom

Mr. Write lives just north of area where you found the Tail Cave Key. Deliver Christine’s Letter and Mr. Write will reward you with a Broom.

11. Fishing Hook

The poor old lady in the northeast house in Animal Village loves to clean but does not have a broom. Swap the Broom that Mr. Write gave you for the Fishing Hook.

12. Necklace

Southwest from Animal Village you will come across a bridge that leads to an owl statue. Diving under the eastern portion of the bridge reveals a fisherman who does not have a lure. Give him the Fishing Hook and he will net a missing Necklace.

13. Mermaid Scale

Swim to a distressed Martha in the middle of the bay and deliver the missing Necklace. She will let you snag a Mermaid Scale from her tail.

14. Magnifying Lens

Travel to the Mermaid Statue in the southeast portion of Martha’s Bay and place the Mermaid Scale into the statue. The statue will reveal a set of stairs that lead to the Magnifying Lens, which is the final trading sequence item. This lens will reveal hidden objects and allow players to read the secret book in the Mabe Village Library.

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