Link’s Awakening Secret Seashell Guide

zelda link's awakening sales with the title screen

The Link’s Awakening Remake increased the number of Secret Seashells from 26 to 50. Link will need to collect at least 40 to upgrade the Sword at the Seashell Mansion. Here we go!

1. Mabe Village – Field North of Trendy Game

Cut the thick grass to reveal the seashell

2. CiaoCiao Doghouse

Dig in the back-right corner of CiaoCiao’s doghouse

3. Tail Cave Revisit

Revisit Tail Cave after purchasing Bombs from the Mabe Village Shop. Bomb the wall in Tail Cave to reveal a chest with a seashell.

4. Tail Cave – Tree

After earning the Pegasus Boots from the Key Cavern, revisit Tail Cave and run into the lone tree just to the west of the cave entrance.


5. River Raft Race

Complete the River Raft Race in under 35secs to earn a Secret Seashell. The trick is to use the hookshot to maneuver the rapids

6. Tal Tal Heights – En Route To Turtle Rock #1

On your way to Turtle Rock, life one of the boulders in this top right corner for a seashell

7. Tal Tal Heights – En Route to Turtle Rock #2

After exiting the cave with the flame blocking your path, move west and dig in the middle of the four stony areas for a seashell

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