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7 Principles Hollow Knight Adopts From Dark Souls

Over the past decade, the bar by which fans evaluate difficulty is tied directly to a singular franchise: Dark Souls. First released in 2011 by FromSoftware, Dark Souls is an action role-playing game that is as punishing as it is polarizing. As more players overcame the arduous kingdom of Lordran, the game spawned a fan base of “git-gud” gamers. Studios

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Free Dark Souls Trilogy Announced by Bandai Namco

Once upon a time, a small segment of the video game community relished challenging experiences. During the early 2010s, this “masochist” segment of players seemingly enjoyed difficulty spikes, unforgiving enemies, and cryptic lore. But not all was as it seemed. As more gamers embraced the conquest, more soon discovered that fairness and impartiality reigned supreme. Today, the video game community

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