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The Nintendo Switch is Powerful, But Can it Run Crysis?

But can it run Crysis? Fans of first-person shooters vividly recall the late 2000s benchmark of video game hardware. Crytek’s revolutionary series elevated the genre to new heights, but the demands on consoles and quality PCs was notorious. A decade later, the gaming community is still asking the same question; however, the target of concern is Nintendo’s hybrid console. Recently

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Crysis Remastered Announced for Nintendo Switch

Returning to one’s roots can either be a healing or painful experience. For some, revisiting the positive memories of yesterday can be a catalyst for future success. For others, exploring past mistakes can dredge up memories of embarrassment and shame. As for independent developer Crytek, the studio’s feelings are mixed. But on Friday, the troubled independent studio decided to rekindle

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