Epic Games Store Limited Time Offer – Free Copy of GTA V

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The old saying is that the best things in life are free. While the video game industry routinely offers seasonal discounts, publishers rarely give away games for free. But on Friday, the Epic Games Store revealed it is offering one of Rockstar Games most infamous games for free: Grand Theft Auto V. Let’s dive in.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

For the greater portion of two decades, Steam has dominated the distribution of digital PC gaming downloads. When Epic used its Fortnite success to launch its own an online digital gaming store, the industry was enthralled by the thought of competition. But the popular online shooter has struggled to gain a foothold amongst PC gamers. In an effort to boost its community, the Epic Games Store looked no further than to one of the greatest success stories of all time: Grand Theft Auto V.

GTA V launched in 2013 to resounding success. Critics praised the game for its story arcs, level design, and online functionality. Seven years later, and GTA V is the second best-selling game of all time behind only Microsoft’s Minecraft. The game continues to land on lists of top-selling video games each month and is a staple of the industry.

So for a limited time (through May 21st), the Epic Games Store is offering the Premium Edition of Grand Theft Auto V for free. You read that correctly. You can download the entire Grand Theft Auto V story mode and all online content for absolutely free. In addition, players can access the Criminal Enterprise Start Pack, which they can use to augment their GTA Online experience. Simply click here for more details.


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